Non-Ferrous Metals Processing

Non-Ferrous Metals › Process Tank Agitation

Non-Ferrous metal ores are processed in reactor tanks for Oxidation and Lixiviation, for example with the aid of agitating equipment.
Improving the efficiency of the reaction / mixing by optimising the agitator design and tank / baffle design.
Optimising energy consumption and life of the...
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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper › Evaporator & Scrubber Exits

In Pulp & Paper plants there are various applications for chevron vane, BlueFil® structured Mesh Demister or Knitted Wire Demister droplet separators to prevent liquid carry over from an evaporator or scrubber tower, or to recover chemicals used in the pulping process – e.g.

Bleaching Plant...
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Tank Venting

Tank Venting › Active Carbon for VOC & Odour Abatement

In many processes storage tanks hold raw materials or finished products which have air vents that need an abatement system for capturing volatile organic vapours. These contaminants can include organic compounds of nitrogen and sulphur (with bad odour), and other compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
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Water Desalination

Water Desalination › Flash Evaporation

Flash Evaporation or Multistage Flash Distillation  is a water desalination process to distill seawater by flashing the water into steam in multiple stages. Multi-stage flash distillation plants produce about 60% of all desalinated water in the world, with the heat added in the brine heater usually coming as...
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Water Purification / Treatment

Water Purification / Treatment › Water & Effluent Treatment Industries

Begg Cousland Envirotec have a close collaboration with Lebracs Rubber for Water Treatment and Desalination Plant equipment and their inter-connecting pipe lines. You can source materials and equipment through Begg Cousland Envirotec.
Lebracs Rubber has a range of  corrosion resistant  rubber which meets the  service Conditions  of  Sea...
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