Gas Cleaning

Gas Cleaning

Rotary Brush Scrubber / Becoflex

‘BECOFLEX’ Rotary Brush Scrubber
Begg Cousland’s specialization in the fields of wet gas filtration and gas cleaning means it has found many applications with a need for efficient solid/gas removal. Now following original research and development, we offer the brilliantly simple ‘Rotary Brush Scrubbing System’ BECOFLEX. It can be used on...
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Gas Scrubbers / Absorption Columns / Venturi Scrubbers / Fume Scrubbers

Gas Scrubbers
Begg Cousland have designed and supplied many gas scrubbers and absorber systems to a variety of chemical and process industries.
We design and supply Venturi Gas Scrubbers, Eductor Venturi Gas Scrubbers, Wet Cyclones, Packed Bed Scrubbers and Cross Flow Scrubbers using conventional tower and packing designs or tailoring new...
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Tower Packings / Random Packings / Tower Internals

Packings, Packing Supports and other Tower Internals
Begg Cousland can supply high quality, competitively priced ceramic saddle and ring packings for chemical process towers including for Sulphuric Acid and Chlorine production, carefully sourced from our partners.
Typical Ceramic Saddle Chemical Composition (%) :

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Turnkey Filtration Systems

Package Gas Scrubbing and  Filtration Systems
Begg, Cousland have supplied hundreds of highly successful turnkey filtration system installations, used for industrial air pollution abatement, often known as Tail Gas Cleaning or APC equipment. Depending on the application and pollutant, and location of the process plant, we can design the system...
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