About Us


Begg Cousland Envirotec has an unrivalled length of experience in the manufacture of both knitted wire, meshpad type demisters and fibre bed type candle filters. This in-depth expertise is valuable in solving wet gas cleaning problems in a huge variety of industrial applications – not just by tailoring mist eliminators to suit the problem, but in many cases by designing and supplying the complete filtration system as a turnkey package.

In recent years we are proud to have developed innovative designs and equipment solutions for gas scrubbing and odour control problems. The Company’s Technical Sales Team use our specialist know-how and technology to select or design the optimum filter or system for each individual duty. Applications may seem similar but have subtle differences and our product range gives a true flexibility of choice. By optimising the solution we can save energy or space without compromising efficiency, or any combination of these benefits.

Industrial market applications include Chemicals production (e.g. Fertilizers, Process Chemicals, Petrochemicals), Non-Ferrous Metals Smelting off-gas treatment, Pharmaceuticals production, Electronics Industry, Oil & Gas production and Pulp & Paper industries. There are also many other industrial air pollution control requirements.

Quality has always been, and remains, of paramount importance. Our products are made under Begg Cousland direct control, according to strict QA/QC procedures.

Please search the website by Product or by Application and find the details you are interested in. Download PDF files are available also. For other requirements, please use the enquiry or contact forms to get a response.