Process Equipment

Process Equipment

Inlet Diffusers

BCE-EFQ Inlet Diffusers
In many plants there is a problem of bad gas distribution, entering (or leaving) a separator vessel. We can design and supply Inlet Diffusers, to allow the installed internals to work properly, new or retrofit.
The Inlet Diffuser can be a specially designed array of deflector plates, directing...
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Liquid / Liquid Separators

‘BECOPHASE’ Liquid–Liquid Coalescers
Liquid liquid separators coalescing technology and media are also used to separate immiscible liquids. These are typically emulsions or hazy mixtures, and by separating them it can reduce the volume of contaminated liquid effluent, or improve a process or a final product quality. There are many different...
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Rotary Table Vacuum Filter

HDZP Rotating Pan Vacuum Filters
Rotating table type vacuum filters are used for handling of solids / liquid extraction, especially for the phosphate fertiliser industry. These complex filters have been made by Jiangsu New Hongda since 2000. In 2005 alone, there were 40 made for the domestic China market.
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Rubber Lined Vessels / Rubber & PTFE Lined Pipe / Dredging & Slurry Hoses

Rubber Lined Vessels / Rubber & PTFE Lined Pipe / Dredging & Slurry Hoses
Begg Cousland Envirotec are pleased to work with some carefully selected partners throughout the world, who provide high quality process equipment with a synergy to our core business and products.
One such company is LeBracs Rubber...
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Sulphuric Acid Distributors

Pipe and Trough type Distributors for effective acid distribution in the tower packing.
Cast and special alloy materials.
Sulphuric Acid Distributors Types Supplied by Begg Cousland Envirotec :
1. Pipe or ladder type:
Material Options : Cast Iron / Mondi / SX Alloy
A) With holes on the underside
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Tank Agitators / Thickeners

Tank Agitators
For mixing and promoting chemical reactions in process tanks.
Begg Cousland and the Jiangsu New Hongda Group began their tank agitator collaboration in 2002, when a license agreement was signed between the 2 companies. Since then the Begg Cousland mist eliminator range has been assembled and marketed in...
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