Demisters / Knitted Wire / Mesh Pad


Demisters / Knitted Wire / Mesh Pad

Becoil Knitted Wire Mesh Demisters

Becoil Demisters are separators of the impingement type consisting of multiple layers of mesh fabric knitted from metal or plastic monofilaments, crimped and then assembled so that the crimps cross in successive layers. Pads fabricated in this way have a very uniform voidage with an extremely high ratio of filament surface area per unit volume of demister pad.

In many industrial processes it is necessary to use demisters to remove mist or spray droplets from air or gas streams in order to purify the gas, remove liquid which would contaminate the subsequent process, damage downstream equipment, constitute an undesirable atmospheric emission, or to recover a useful liquid product of the process.

Collected liquid in the mesh forms discrete droplets on the filaments which fall off as the force of gravity overcomes the combined forces of the rising gas and surface tension, which tend to hold the droplets to the filament.

Demister Pads

The Becofoil knitted wire mesh demister pads are virtually maintenance free and have been specially designed to achieve highly efficiency removal – up to 100% on entrained droplets above 5 microns in size -while generating low pressure losses.

Our demisters can be used in a variety of applications from removing entrained liquid droplets in vapour streams in brine desalination processes right through to oil refining. With a wide range of options to choose from including differing materials, density and mesh types, there is always a Becoil wire mesh demister product available, customised to optimise the process at hand.

There are many possible wire mesh demister variations, including:

Wire Diameter
Number of Wires together
Number of Demister Mesh Layers
Size of Mesh Stitch
Thickness of Demister Mesh Pad

See our informative table below for the most common styles of demisters. Other specifications are also available on request.

Demister types photo

Demisters – Demister Pads
Demister photo close up

Demister Pad Closeup
Mesh Pad Demister fixing options

Mesh Pad Demister Fixing Options
Demister Styles availability table

Demister Styles Available


For further demister options and information please see: demisting and droplet separation process application, BlueFil®demister mesh gas scrubbing media, and our technical downloads page for demisters and filters. Alternatively you can contact us here for further information on any of our products.