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Ceramic Filter Elements

‘CALDO’ Ceramic Filter Elements for ‘Hot Scrubbing’

These Ceramic Filters remove solid particles from gases in difficult conditions at high temperatures.

Particles are removed to prepare the gas for a downstream process, such as catalytic reaction, or for discharge to atmosphere. Alternatively, the objective may be to collect the solids i.e. product recovery. The elements are highly refractory, able to operate at temperatures at up to 900 ºC or in the presence of corrosive gases such as SO2 or HCl.

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Ceramic filter elements are vacuum formed from alumino-silicate ceramic fibres as a 1000 mm long tube, flanged at one end and closed at the other. Its composition is stable under extreme conditions of temperature and/or chemical corrosion. The elements can resist all chemical attack with the exception of HF.

The elements hang vertically in the filter vessel from the header plate, which separates the clean and dirty compartments. In use the hot gas is sucked through the filter medium from outside to inside, depositing the particles on the outer surface of the medium. At controllable intervals a sharp pulse of air is blown back down the inside of the filter element causing a momentary reversal of flow. This reversal causes the accumulated solids to be detached from the outer surface of the filter elements.

With Caldo Engineering we can design and supply the complete filter system (See ‘Ceramic Filter System’ in the “Gas Cleaning” PRODUCTS section)


Standard Ceramic Filter Element


Ceramic Element Fixing Detail


Caldo Ceramic Filter Elements installed