Demisters / Knitted Wire / Mesh Pad

Becoil Knitted Wire Mesh Demisters
In many industrial processes it is necessary to use demisters to remove mist or spray droplets from air or gas streams in order to purify the gas, remove liquid which would contaminate the subsequent process, damage downstream equipment, constitute an undesirable atmospheric emission, or to...
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Coalescers / Knitted Wire / Mesh Pad / Co-Knit

Becone Knitted Mesh Coalescers
The Becoil Demister is a high efficiency, low pressure loss device for removing liquid particles in excess of 5 microns. To further the collection efficiency of liquid particles below 5 microns, Becone Coalescers were developed.
Aerosol mist produced in industry applications such as in the natural gas...
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Cylindrical Coalescers

Coalescers in Cartridge Cylinder Form 
Today, two stage filter separator technology allows you to have the smallest possible vessel diameter, resulting in the lowest cost, while removing aerosol liquids and solid particles efficiently. The separator’s first stage contains replaceable BCE-GLF  coalescing filters mounted on a tube sheet. Here the larger...
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Candle Filters / Mist Eliminators

Becofil Candle Filter
The Becofil Candle Filter, often commonly referred to as a Mist Eliminator or Fibre Bed Filter – is intended primarily for the removal of very fine mist particles of less than 2 microns. A combination of impingement for removing greater than 1-2 microns and diffusion for finer, sub-micron size particles where...
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Vane Packs / Chevrons / Droplet Separators

‘Becovane’ Chevron Vane Pack Droplet Separators
Chevron type vane packs are high velocity droplet separators. They can be specially designed for efficient droplet collection >8 microns in diameter, but traditionally they are used for more coarse droplet collection, 10 – 20 microns or larger.
They also have a good resistance...
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BlueFil® Demister Mesh & Gas Scrubbing Media

BlueFil® Demister Mesh & Gas Scrubbing Media
Begg Cousland Envirotec have been using worldwide & exclusively distributing in certain countries Benvitec Environment’s BlueFil® meshes, mesh pads & demisters, along with our traditional knitted wire mesh types. BlueFil® is a reliable material and technology in liquid separation processes, air pollution control or...
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