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In the metals casting industry there is a need to cool the hot parts by quench cooling them in 180°C  oil baths. Inevitably this causes an oil fume to rise from the bath, which needs to be extracted to a fume treatment system.


Prevent oil mist fume and droplet carry over going to atmosphere, from the quench oil baths (Standard Efficiency: 100% > 3 micron, >95% 1 – 3 micron)

Prevent blockage of the fume abatement system by entrained solids, including sand.


specification appropriate to the duty of each stage, irrigated with the same oil as is used in the bath, on a recirculating basis.

We also design / supply the Carbon Steel vessel, internals, pumps and fan in many cases, or can provide these details for local sourcing.

Vessel Schematic View

Metals Oil Quench Fume Vessel + Fan Installation