Sulphuric Acid Distributors

Process Equipment

Sulphuric Acid Distributors

Pipe and Trough type Distributors for effective acid distribution in the tower packing.

Cast and special alloy materials.

Sulphuric Acid Distributors Types Supplied by Begg Cousland Envirotec :

1. Pipe or ladder type:

Material Options : Cast Iron / Mondi / SX Alloy

A) With holes on the underside

Generally they will have one or more main header pipes, with smaller pipes or branch arms configured to cover the tower’s cross section area.
Branches are generally flanged or in some cases use a threaded coupling. This facilitates dismantling and cleaning during maintenance operations. Holes or nozzles in the pipes allow the liquid to be distributed into the tower

Typically they are designed for 40 to 44 drip points / m2

Cheap / inexpensive
Easy to install
Not so critical for levelling

These Pipe Types rely on high pressure to achieve uniform liquid distribution. The high pressure results in relatively high exit velocity through the pipe holes. This can cause a lot of splashing and entrainment of droplets with the exiting gas, but the use of more saddles to a sufficient height can control most of that effect.

B) With holes on the topside

This is a more advanced design than (A), with the holes on the upper side of the pipes. The liquid sprays upwards and contacts a horizontal plate for steel type and an acid proof brick for the cast iron type. As the liquid impinges on the contact surface of the plate or brick, it is re-directed downwards in a fan pattern. The dissipated liquid falls fairly gently onto the tower packing with minimal splashing

Pipe Distributor 2

2. Trough type –

Material : SX Alloy or similar

With down-comer pipes

This has a large number of downcomers made of metal tubes with oval slots near the top to

distribute the acid evenly. The feed pipe system needs to provide uniform liquid flow to each trough

and the troughs need to be installed absolutely level.

Typically they are designed for 40 to 44 drip points / m2.


Highly corrosion resistant

Light weight

Very uniform acid distribution

Easier to maintain

SX trough-type distributor