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BCE-EFQ Inlet Diffusers

In many plants there is a problem of bad gas distribution, entering (or leaving) a separator vessel. We can design and supply Inlet Diffusers, to allow the installed internals to work properly, new or retrofit.

The Inlet Diffuser can be a specially designed array of deflector plates, directing the gas in 2 or more directions, or sometimes a pipe device is sufficient, directing the gas away from a direct path to the exit, thereby allowing time for the gas flow to spread and equalise over the vessel.

Inlet Diffuser Major Benefits:

As shown in Fig 1 below, there are many ways to arrange a vane or demister in vertical and in horizontal vessels. The velocity of the incoming gas and the distance from the inlet to the filter are critical for good performance. Fig 2 shows different vessel arrangements, fitted with Inlet Diffusers.

The Fig 3 diagram below shows a concept of an Inlet Diffuser solving bad mist eliminator filter performance due to mal-distribution.

By using CFD software we can also see the impact of a good design to correct problems in vertical as well as horizontal vessels.

Inlet diffuser Vessel Views

Fig 1 Vessel / Filter Arrangements

Fig 2 Inlet Diffuser Solutions


Inlet diffuser solution

Fig 3 Inlet Diffuser Solution
Inlet diffuser photograph

Inlet Diffuser