Vane Packs / Chevrons / Droplet Separators


Vane Packs / Chevrons / Droplet Separators

‘Becovane’ Chevron Vane Pack Droplet Separators

Chevron type vane packs are high velocity droplet separators. They can be specially designed for efficient droplet collection >8 microns in diameter, but traditionally they are used for more coarse droplet collection, 10 – 20 microns or larger.

They also have a good resistance to blockage by solids due to their high voidage construction.

‘Becovane’ BCE-STV Chevron type vane pack separators are made using multiple parallel chevron blade profiles assembled into a pack, which allows the gas to pass vertically or horizontally between the blades. The blades are relatively widely spaced, meaning that the chevron separator pack has a high volume throughput capacity, with relatively low pressure loss. Typically efficient for droplet sizes of > 10 microns in size, they are also highly resistant to plugging with solids.

The spacing of the vane packs’ blades and the number of chevron stages can be varied, to modify the collection efficiency or pressure loss, and in some cases it is combined with a knitted mesh layer to increase removal of smaller particle sizes.

More efficiency and higher liquid load handling capacity can be achieved using our BCE-DPV ‘Double-Pocket’ Vane profiles. These have in-built liquid catch pockets, which drain the liquid away from the gas stream more effectively. The BCE-DVP vanes are used vertically to handle horizontal gas flows.

The option to use BCE-DPV series Chevrons means that vessels with existing STV type Chevrons can be de-bottlenecked and capacity / efficiency can be increased by retro-fitting with BCE-DPV Chevrons.

(Note – To achieve such capacity increases it is sometimes required to install also a gas flow distribution device on the vessel inlet or outlet. See ‘Inlet Diffusers’ in the “Process Equipment” PRODUCTS section)

See below some images of installation options.

BECOVANE UNIT ARRANGEMENT OPTIONSchevron vane separator vessel views

DPV Vane photo - chevron vane separator

DPV Vane photo
STV Vane photo - vane separator

STV Vane photo