Coalescers / Knitted Wire / Mesh Pad / Co-Knit


Coalescers / Knitted Wire / Mesh Pad / Co-Knit

Becone Knitted Mesh

The Becoil Demister is a high efficiency, low pressure loss device for removing liquid particles in excess of 5 microns. To further the collection efficiency of liquid particles below 5 microns, Becone Coalescers were developed.


Aerosol mist produced in industry applications such as in the natural gas and petrochemical sectors can have detrimental effects to downstream process equipment. By removing this mist, Becone Coalescers provide a multitude of benefits including preserve of equipment and components, improved air emission quality and increased yield of products that would have otherwise been carried over with steam.

The Becone Coalescer unit is a pad fabricated from a co-knitted composite fabric consisting partly of monofilaments and partly of a staple fibre yarn. These fibres are much smaller in diameter than either the yarn into which they are spun or the monofilaments – consequently forming a more efficient filter.

The multitude of fibrous ends presented to the gas flow reduces the streamline effect, trapping the fine droplets within the coalescer; the coarse droplets so formed can be re-entrained in the gas stream leaving the system. These larger droplets are then easily removed by a conventional Becoil Demisting Unit, a separate 2nd stage or by layers of demister mesh on top of a single stage mesh pad combination.

A combined Becone and Becoil installation increases collection efficiency in the 2-5 micron range from 98% to 99.9%. Pressure loss is increased but not dramatically since the Becone Coalescer still has a considerable free volume, even allowing for the introduction of fibrous yarn.

Becone Coalescers are also widely applied as internals for liquid-liquid separators. Such coalescers are used to separate liquid emulsions into their components through the coalescing of small particles and droplets into larger ones of each liquid phase. For example, separating water from oil or oil from water. (See Products/Process Equipment/Liquid-Liquid Separators for more information on these separators). See also Coalescers in Cartridge Cylinder Form.
Coalescer Styles May 2015

Combination Coalescers

Combination Demister Coalescer
Upward Coned Coalescer Segments

Upward Coned Coalescer Segments
coalescers assembled

Assembled onto Support Structure