The Benefits of Mist Eliminators

The Benefits of Mist Eliminators

June 29, 2017

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Mist Eliminators

Mist eliminators are a useful component in industrial processes that require separation and filtration of mist from gas streams. Through their unique design, they are able to recover valuable products that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, improve the quality of gases leaving process plants, and protect downstream equipment from the often harmful effects of contaminants.

Our Becofil mist eliminators are composed of millions of fibres which trap liquid particles, separating out product liquid from the emission via Brownian motion, impaction or coalescing of mist and droplets. Becofil filters can aid in the elimination of stack plumes and help you strip pollutants out of your gas streams.



Common applications for mist eliminators include:

  • Chlorine / alkaline processes
  • Acidic processes
  • Organic fume abatement

Begg Cousland Becofil mist eliminators have been developed to maximise the return from your investment. We understand the range of industries that can benefit from these products, and as such offer a variety of filters to meet the wide range of criteria.

Our filters can be catered to meet your requirements in terms of:

  • Materials to choose from (Glass, carbon, polypropylene, P.T.F.E. etc)
  • Limitations in installation space
  • Range of mist particle size <1um to >5um
  • Collection mechanism
  • Velocity of particles
  • Pressure loss
  • Mist removal efficiency

In today’s more stringent air pollution regulations, you need a system you can trust to deliver an effective solution.

For more information on our mist eliminators, see our section here.