3 Ways Begg Cousland Products Provide a Solution

3 Ways Begg Cousland Products Provide a Solution

April 12, 2017

Industrial processes are diverse in their application, each sector requiring a different approach and a different host of equipment to provide the necessary solutions. As such, Begg Cousland offers a wide spectrum of wet gas cleaning, filtration and demisting products to meet the demand of a variety of industries.

From inorganic and organic chemicals, right through to water treatment and oil and metal refining, here are three examples where Begg Cousland’s products can be applied:

  • The Oil and Gas Industry

Oil refining is a process that segregates crude oil into a host of useful end products such as petroleum, diesel, naptha and propane via fractional distillation. Crude oil passes through a pipestill which allows the separation by of lower boiling point and higher boiling point hydrocarbons. As these systems are injected with steam, demisters and coalescer units are required to knock-out, condense and separate the products.

Begg Cousland circular ‘Becoil’ Demister with mesh style/specification and ‘Becophase’ Co-Knitted Coalescer mesh packs are effective solutions against droplet carry over from the side stripper back to the Pipestills, and separation of 2 liquid phases from Liquid-Liquid Separators respectively.

oil and gas

  • The Nitrogen Fertiliser Industry

Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser is made from ammonia, and is used to nourish soil in the agricultural industry. As part of the process, ammonia and nitric acid must be fed into a neutraliser, evaporator and finally a prilling unit which turns the end product into spheres. Each of these units usually connects to a dedicated filter which strips the products out of the exiting steam.

Our medium velocity and Brownian Diffusion cylindrical ‘Becofil’ Candle Filters and Panel Filters are effective solutions in combating potential air pollution from these processes, as well as preventing the loss of product in the exiting vapour. Our candle filters can operate under pressure, vacuum or atmospheric pressure to ensure an effective solution.

nitrogen fertiliser industry

  • Tail Gas Scrubbing

The gas sector is seen as one of the largest emitters of air pollutants. Sulphur Dioxide is a common emission from many chemical and process industries, and wet gas scrubbing is used to remove such contaminants from the exit to atmosphere.

Common problems in this sector involve how to prevent mist and droplet carry over, and how to obtain the best efficiency when treating a gas following a chemical reaction, leading to the formation of a large amount of fume and aerosols

Begg Cousland offer a range of demisters, coalescers, candle filters and mist eliminators which cover a range of velocity and pressure loss ranges. Our ‘Becovane’ Chevron Vane Droplet Separators can target separation of the highest range of particle sizes 8-120um and velocities, allowing the maximum separation effect during the process.

If you are interested in learning more about our product applications, visit beggcousland.com, or contact us on 0141 556 2289 to discuss your query with one of our team.

tail gas scrubbing