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Tail Gas Scrubbing › Wet Scrubber Exits


Existing Wet Gas Scrubbers may have a filter stage at the top but it may not be giving the optimum efficiency, or may have problems of blockage.

A Tail gas scrubber is used in many chemical and process industries, to remove noxious gas, solids or liquid particles.


a) Prevent mist or droplet particle carry over from the Wet Scrubber
b) Obtain balance of best efficiency and longest time between washing


See the table below for the most common types of mist eliminator applicable for tail gas scrubbing exit duty.

In addition we offer BlueFil® Phase Separation mesh, used in vertical or horizontal orientation, as a Demister or as a Scrubbing media. See the BlueFil® mesh combination table below for the most common styles.

BlueFil® is made in thermoplastic materials (PP, ETFE, PFA) but has a strong structure due to the special pyramid geometry of the wire mesh. This makes it easy to wash and re-use, with a long life. It also makes it hard to block with solids as they wash off easily from the mesh, especially when used with irrigation sprays (see Cross Flow Scrubber image below)

Filter Options TableO&G G-L VESSEL ARRANGEMENT OPTIONS 1BlueFil performance tableBegg Cousland Cross-flow Scrubbertail gas scrubber