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In a Sulphuric Acid plant contact section there are Drying and Absorption Towers, which are fitted with an acid distribution device, which sprays or flows Sulphuric Acid downwards into a bed of (usually) random packings (different types and sizes of saddles and other ceramic packings are available), which allow the upward flowing gas to contact the counter-current flowing acid, thereby achieving drying of air or absorption of SO3.

The bed of random packings is often supported underneath by a system of beams on top of brick pillars / arches, but a popular alternative is to use a self-supporting dome of ceramic dome bricks. This is a very stable, strong design, incorporated into the acid-proof brick lining work of a tower.

They have an excellent free area to minimise pressure loss, and the gas distribution is very even with his design, which is a key to good packing performance above it.

Begg Cousland are pleased to work with Pacific Refractories in India for this equipment.

The highest manufacturing quality standards are used for the production of the ceramic domes.

Begg Cousland has used these dome supports in many towers and there has been 100% customer satisfaction. Largest size to date is 8,000 mm diameter.

Ceramic Dome Packings