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Urea solution is granulated then dried as a final process stage. There are various process providers, such as Toyo and Uhde, some of which involve fluidised bed technology.

The process emits both Urea dust and Ammonia:
Typical Inlet Urea dust load : 200 to 300 mg/Nm3

Typical Inlet Ammonia load : 200 to 250 mg/Nm3


Air pollution

Product loss (collected Urea can be recycled within the process)


‘BECOFLEX’ BF series Rotating Brush Scrubber in 304L Stainless Steel, irrigated with HNO3 solution. Various unit sizes are available from 200 to 25,000 Nm3/hr in a single unit, or we can design for larger gas flows in a combination of units in parallel.

The ‘BECOFLEX’ principle of operation is a wetted fibre brush rotating at high speed in a special volute fan casing, thus creating an extremely dynamic gas-liquid contact. This means the unit is self-cleaning, and does not block with solids.

The BECOFLEX system uses relatively small volumes of liquid and acts as its own air mover. This usually means there is no need for a separate fan, but in some cases a secondary or main fan is also used, particularly with long upstream processes.

(For more details on BECOFLEX unit sizes, flows etc, see Becoflex under the Products / Gas Cleaning section)

2.6 Becoflex

An Installation of BECOFLEX


2 or 3 stage BlueFil® cross-flow scrubber system with inlet sprays, co-current scrubbing stage(s) with MX095 or MX094L BlueFil in PP

Install demineralised water wash sprays for  final MX095 stage

Install a nitric acid solution spray for NH3.

Front View of 2 Urea Granulator Scrubbers with cross-flow BlueFil® meshpads


 Arial View of 2 Urea Granulator Scrubbers with cross-flow BlueFil® meshpads