Internals for Liquid-Liquid Separators

Liquid-Liquid Separation

Internals for Liquid-Liquid Separators


Coalescers in Cylinder Form

Today, two stage filter separator technology allows you to have the smallest possible vessel diameter, resulting in the lowest cost, while removing aerosol liquids and solid particles efficiently. The separator’s first stage contains replaceable BCE-GLP coalescing filters mounted on a tube sheet. Here the larger liquid particles and the solids are removed, while aerosol liquid mist coalesces into large droplets (>10 microns). Some of these coalesced droplets fall off the filter but the majority are carried to the second stage. In the second stage, these large droplets are removed by a high capacity BCE-DPV Double Pocket Vane. (See Vane Packs in the Filters section).

Filter separators, and the orientation of the Coalescer Cylinders inside, can be vertical or horizontal.

Major benefits to Oil Refineries:


BCE-GLF Coalescing Cartridge Cylinders

BCE-GLF Coalescing Cartridge Cylinders

Coalescers in Mesh Pack Form

Separators can also be equipped with Mesh Pack type Coalescers, which are made using layers of knitted mesh. The mesh can be a wire only, and can be made in various density formats, or the wire can have glass or P.T.F.E. fibre yarn co-knitted with it in the same layer, which enhances the separation effect.

We can supply replacement Mesh Packs on a like-for-like basis, or to improve separation, or as a retrofit where there is currently no coalesce installed.


Glass Fibre Co-Knit Mesh Layer

P.T.F.E Co-Knit Mesh Pack