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Process Equipment › Rubber Lined Vessels / Pipes


Begg Cousland Envirotec have a close collaboration with Lebracs Rubber who are involved in the rubber lining of equipment, pipes, and fittings and other components in Caustic & Chlor Alkali Industries. In association with them we can offer complete lined vessel and filter packages.

Lebracs Rubber has a range of corrosion resistant  rubber which meets the stringent Service Conditions  of  30 – 33 % Conc. HCL Acid, Sodium Hypo Chlorite, Caustic Lye, Pure Brine, Brine Solution and other Chlorine Products.

Types of Rubber Compounds commonly used:

Code No.

Types of Rubber

Service Conditions


Maximum Temperature

LRL 8090

Natural Rubber – Hard

Brine Solution, HCL, Caustic Lye, Dyes

75 ± 5º

Shore ‘D’

80° C

LRL CMS 8090

Natural Rubber – Low Ca, Mg, Si

HCL & Pure Brine Storage Tank

75 ± 5º

Shore ‘D’

80° C


Synthetic Rubber – Butyl

HCL, Caustic Storage, Soda Ash

52 ± 5ºShore ‘A’

100° C

NOTE: Technical Parameters may be changed due to continuous product development.